AN informal, very cool LOCATION 

For an unprecedented and surprising food experience on the Arona lakeside

Vespucci Arona … to be lived and enjoyed under the arcades or in the dehors overlooking the lake in the summer, or in the elegant dining room in the winter

Med Sushi

Fabulous uramaki, cirashi and sashimi with a Mediterranean touch



Delicious and special tartare of salmon, tuna and red prawns or Piedmontese beef

Raw fish

Fusion carpaccio, oysters and shellfish of the highest quality


Tasty first courses, not just fish


A tantalizing selection of proposals, for a good start



A gourmet journey of original temptations and iconic dishes by chef Alex

Alex Style

“I believe that a dish must be healthy, good and beautiful … knowing how to conquer the eyes first and then excite the palate”

Each dish by chef Alex is the result of a constant search for the perfect combination of excellent ingredients and obsessive aesthetic care. A personal and unmistakable style for a truly unique fusion cuisine. Starting with a careful selection of raw materials that wisely combined can give emotions to be enjoyed with the eyes and palate. A gastronomic proposal that translates into a journey that blends internationality with aromas and flavors typical of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. A philosophy that is recognized in all his creations and is widely understood in his particular “Mediterranean sushi”, where aesthetics and techniques of Japanese cuisine are combined with traditional products of the Bel Paese cuisine, such as pistachios, basil, capers and olives.

But each “port” has its own peculiarities in the cuisine it offers. And this is why at Vespucci Arona (as well as in the Ispra restaurant), the menu cannot miss dishes suitable for a more holiday audience, including salads and first courses, not only seafood. While at Vespucci Milano, the Alex Style finds its apex with an even more innovative and refined proposal, suitable for the most demanding gourmet palates accustomed to being tempted by flair and creativity.